Last year we grew from 7 to 11 dental chairs when we completed our expansion at our Garden Grove clinic. This summer we jumped to 14 chairs with our new Summer Smiles X-Press program! We have been able to set up 3 mobile dental stations in our Tooth Fairy Learning Center, allowing us to provide preventative services to a greater number of patients this summer. Summer is a very busy time for our clinic as parents help their kids get ready for school by taking them to the dentist.

Jennifer getting her teeth checked by our dental hygienist, Esther.

Our dental hygienists are helping facilitate this program by providing full dental check-ups, which include cleanings, fluoride, and x-rays. Once the preventative services are complete, the x-rays and images are sent to a dentist who will create a treatment plan. If restorative treatment is needed, the patients will receive services from our dentists at our clinic or Smile Mobiles. If no further treatment is needed, they are set for the next six months!

Siblings Mena and Abdalla received Tooth Fairy Bucks for having no cavities!

This program has been greeted with open arms and been a huge success in such a short amount of time. In just two months, we have been able to treat almost 300 patients and we are estimating to see at least 400 more this summer! We have successfully created a safe space in our center for patients to feel comfortable and receive treatment. This initiative is a step in the right direction and will help us achieve our goal of helping 1,000,000 families by the year 2020!

Martha helping Isabella pick out her toy in the lobby of our clinic.

We will still be providing education services and prizes in our lobby. Our patients can redeem their brushing and flossing calendars for Tooth Fairy Bucks! These bucks can then be exchanged for fun toys and games! So, make sure you stop by and visit Martha on your way out of the clinic!