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Increasing access to care in schools and community sites throughout Orange County.

Bringing Dental Care to the Classroom

Children will be seen by a dental hygienist and dental assistant, receive a professional cleaning, fluoride varnish application, sealants, and temporary fillings (if applicable). Offsite, a dentist will review their x-rays and intraoral photos to create a treatment plan using telehealth technology (computers and cameras). 


Temporary fillings are safe and provided by trained dental providers.


Providing fundamental education related to oral health and dental care is proven to provide lifetime benefits to families, especially young children. 

Reducing Dental Fear

Providing treatment in a comfortable, community setting allows children to be less likely afraid of dental care. A child will never be strapped or forcefully held down at their school or community site.

What it isn't

No drilling, no needles.

The care is intended to be a pain-free and comfortable experience for the child.

*If a child is referred to a dental office, it may require the use of sedation or local anesthetics for the comfort and safety of the child.

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