Sedation Program

The Smile Center is an established regionalized center that provides sedation services to underserved families and children with special needs. The use of sedation provides safety and comfort for children during dental treatment. Sedation can help increase cooperation, reduce anxiety and prevent injury by helping children remain still around the dental instruments used. Through the Donald & Carol Murray Sedation Program, Healthy Smiles has the capacity to offer the following on site services:

  • Nitrous, oral sedation, general anesthesia
  • Pulp therapies – root canal treatments
  • Restorations – filling/crown placement
  • Extractions
  • Space maintaining
  • X-rays

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Children with Special Needs
Children who have a physical, developmental, mental, behavioral, cognitive, or a limiting condition that requires medical management and specialized services receive the care they need at Healthy Smiles. Our staff is properly trained to care for children with special needs and is committed to providing the best dental care for all children.