Smiles X-Press

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What it is
  • The Smiles X-Press program will be available at schools and community sites:
    1. A child will be seen by a dental hygienist, and a dental assistant. Offsite, a dentist will review the X-rays, intra oral photos, and create a treatment plan using telehealth technology (computers and cameras)
    2. Onsite, the child will receive a professional cleaning, fluoride varnish application, sealants and temporary fillings (if applicable).
    3. If necessary, care coordinators will work with families to ensure treatment is completed.
  • All care provided at school through Smiles XPress is free for Denti-Cal patients.
  • Safe: Temporary fillings are safe and provided by trained dental providers.
  • Reduces dental fear: Since the child is treated in community setting and a comfortable environment, they are less likely to be afraid of dental care. A Child will never be strapped or forcefully held down at the school or community site.
  • Education: Is a strong component and will focus on educating parents, children, and teachers.
What it isn’t
  • No drilling: The onsite care will not require any type of drilling. The care is intended to be pain free and a comfortable experience for the child.
  • No needles, sedation or local anesthesia at the school or community site: If tooth decay is severe, the child will be referred to a dental clinic directly.*
* If a child is referred to a dental office it may require the use of sedation or local anesthetics for the comfort and safety of the child.