“I love Healthy Smiles because it’s kid friendly.”
Josefina Martinez


“I can play dentist in the Tooth Fairy Learning Center ”
Kayla Carillo

Patient, Age 5

“My child can eat, laugh, and smile again!”
Lupe Velasco


“I like to buy toys with my tooth fairy bucks!
Eric Ramirez

Patient, Age 8

“I love the little chairs…and they have TV’s!!”
Marla Santos

Patient, Age 9

“I can watch Frozen while they clean my teeth!”
Jessica Ramos

Patient, Age 6

“I like Healthy Smiles because they help other kids too!”
Nahomi Sandoval

Patient, Age 12

“My goal is to always ring the cavity free bell!”
Johnny Miller

Patient, Age 9

“The dentist is always nice and gives me car stickers.”
Xavier Hernandez

Patient, Age 5

“Students were always excited to tell me when they went to the dentist at HSK!”
Ms. Thompson

Dysinger Elementary

“I can’t believe that there are 15 sugar packets in a bottle Nesquik!”
Thelma Jones


“I loved all the “Oohs” and “Ahhs” coming from the students. The educator answered all their questions and was well prepared!”
Ms. Cunanan

A.E. Arnold Elementary

“They don’t feel as scared to go to the dentist anymore.”
Ms. Tran

John Murdy Preschool

“The sugar content in the drinks were an eye opener for students!”
Ms. Gonzalez

Marjorie Veeh Elementary

“I love Healthy Smiles because we have the kindest and most caring staff!”
Dr. Richard Mungo


“Healthy Smiles is great because it’s doing something uniquely different here in Orange County!”
Ria Berger

Chief Executive Officer