Tooth Fairy Learning Center (TFLC)

Located in our Garden Grove Smile Center, the TFLC is a fun and educational experience for children, parents and visitors. The TFLC incorporates Dr. Hy Gene’s Hideaway hands-on activities which engage children in the fundamentals of oral health and the importance of healthy food choices.

Dr. Hy Gene’s Hideaway 

Proper brushing and flossing techniques

The benefits of fluoride and routine dental care

The importance of drinking water and reducing sugar-sweetened beverages

Hand washing as an important hygiene habit

Other stations include a nutrition area, germ station, dental play area, and arts and crafts to keep kids smiling as they wait for their dental visits.

Healthy Mouth Healthy Body

The Healthy Mouth Healthy Body Program aims to reduce the rate of childhood obesity and dental disease, by improving overall health and well-being. The program incorporates obesity risk assessments, nutritional education, and counseling services. Healthy Smiles collaborates with Serving Kids Hope to integrate and offer these services to patients attending their regular dental visits.