Although tooth decay is one of the most chronic childhood diseases, it is 100 percent preventable. Through the help of various supporters, Healthy Smiles was brought to life and is now a resource that provides pediatric dental services to underserved families throughout Orange County.

2001: Children & Families Commission of Orange County, St. Joseph Hospital, and El Viento align to improve oral healthcare services for the children of Orange County.

2002: Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County organizes as a California public benefit company and obtains independent nonprofit status.

2004: Children & Families Commission of Orange County, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), and Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove collaborate to develop a comprehensive pediatric health and dental center.

2005: Healthy Smiles opens its doors and launches an onsite pediatric residency program in partnership with the University of Southern California’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry.

2006: Healthy Smiles begins to offer treatment under sedation.

2007: With the generous support of the Pacific Life Foundation, Healthy Smiles introduces Smile Mobile 1, a two-chair dental facility on wheels.

2010: Healthy Smiles begins to offer dental services at CHOC.

2013: Recognizing the success of Smile Mobile 1, the Pacific Life Foundation grants Healthy Smiles additional funding to put Smile Mobile 2 on the road.

2015: To maintain responsiveness to the needs of the community, Healthy Smiles incorporates a three-year strategic plan focusing on adding more general anesthesia/sedation services, broadening patient/payor mix, and expanding regionally, to name a few.

2016: Healthy Smiles launches Smiles X-Press Teledentistry Program, the only service that provides dental diagnostics, preventative care, and early intervention services in a child’s classroom.

2017: Healthy Smiles launched its POET program. POET provides dental services at schools and community sites.

2018: Healthy Smiles began operating its fifth mobile unit.

2019: The Garden Grove Clinic grew from 7 to 11 dental chairs with an expanded General Anesthesia Suite.

2020: Telehealth for All was developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.